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So, I’ve spent the day cleaning and also trying to locate a particular song I need for Podcast number 5. I know, we’re only up to recording number 4. The cleaning has lead to bed-joy. The bed is back in the bedroom, and it’s made, and the light is now in the right place above the bed, and this is all double-plus good.

The music front is less doubleplussy. Whilst I’m really very pleased to be listening to music on my Akai 1721L (or W, who knows? It’s got no identifying marks. I have no idea how I knew it was an Akai). There has been much awesome 60s music played today, and an incredible number of splices have amazed me by surviving the transition not only from one reel to the other, but by going back again.

Akai 1721(L or W, I have no idea which) playing moosick

The gooey gunk they have oozed may make the tape flow a bit uneven and I bet I should be cleaning the tape head after playing some of these crappy old tapes (my dad perhaps should have invested in slightly better quality tapes. Lafayettet Radio Electronics 1800′ acetate tapes may have been cheap, but there was a reason. Mind, they’re not as bad as the CBS New E.R.A. tapes with their 1mil acetate. They appear to be mainly splices. One of the CBS tapes is unplayable, it’s got so many splices in it, and it’s so fragile it just disintegrates if you try).

I still, however, have failed to locate the song I want (I bet it’s on that bloody CBS tape). Gah.

I thought I’d had a flash of genius, but it turned out I was wrong. I’ve so far thought I had this song in 3 places. The one place I absolutely know it is, is on a tape which I think I gave in and threw away after it got chewed about 8 times*. And now I’m thinking I might go eat dinner instead, and start work recording Ep 4.

* It was a tape of a vinyl album called “That’ll be the day” and I used to play it in the car a lot. It was a BASF posh mechanism tape, and one day something happened to it and it started to get very stiff. Having got chewed several times, I started to debate putting it


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