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So, yeah, apologies to those who hate my writing. If it’s any help I’m not very convinced of my abilities on that front, but it’s fun having a play. Anyway, the new washing machine is finally here and our kitchen is slowly starting to smell less of cheap Chinese electronics.

Cheap Chinese electronics have a very distinctive chemically smell; one which pitches at me from the 90’s when I started having modern electronics (most notably, my 17″ monitor, back when 17″ CRT monitors were impressive*). I’ve never before had a self-assembly washing machine – having taken it from the box, attached some sound deadening, removed and replaced various panels it was brought into service, and has proceeded to attempt to walk across the kitchen several times.

The last attempt prompted me to obtain a laceration to my finger as, in between loads I attempted to readjust the feet. I discovered that one of the panels is ‘really very sharp’. However, for all my whining and complaning about it’s cheapness (or the fact my finger is throbbing away), it actually appears to work very well. It’s produced sheets that are actually dry, something the hotpoint never could do. The clothes are coming out clean (and frankly less wrinkled). So, really, it’s doing it’s thing.

The MZ has returned from the bike-shop, the carb having been serviced, the tank cleaned, the fuel filter replaced, the wiring modified further (apparently we had a 2.3Amp drain going ‘somewhere’. He’s fixed this with a ‘switch’ which I switch on when the bike’s running, switching the charging circuit in only when it’s running).

The carpenter was due to come quote, but is now coming in a little over a weeks time, and BT have promised to come fix the broken line. With the planned carpenter’s visit we’d moved the bookcase, allowing access to the master socket – this proved that our line still sounds like shit when connected directly to the master socket with, or without our ADSL filter. Checking the line made it flag up a little diagram which said ‘look, the automated tester things the fault is in the box at the end of your street which, incidentally, has no cover on it and is full of snow’. They say that Monday is the day for fixation.

We have, however, not done much to the house because all the work clothes are waiting to go through the laundry, which is going to take days to clear. The pile was potentially as big as us (only the fact that my uniforms were in the dead washer/drier meant that it wasn’t actually that tall. That and stability issues) and is only slowly going down. 6kg at a time.

* A beast with which I could heat my room, it having a more impressive heat-haze than my 1970’s TV set. I actually did heat my room at university, at some points, by turning on the monitor. It was cheaper than any of the brand ones, and cooked itself over the next 5 years.


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