Damn those charrriiidy shops

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So, today being a day set aside for such a purpose, we set out in search of Jeans and Pyrex (well, cookware). The cunning plan was this; it just having been Christmas, many people would clear out their old clothes and kitchen stuff and we would benefit mightily from the spoils of Xmas.


It didn’t quite work. We did find Jeans and teeshirts (currently experiencing the manifold joys of a Chinese washer/drier), unfortunately I also found a ‘half price’ set of 7″ singles with a stack from the 60s and 70s. We also found a Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s album, a few board games, a copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (in great condition – creating my new challenge*) and a copy of Native Tongue.

God damn it, we were meant to just get Jeans and Pyrex. And maybe a few teeshirts. No one seems to be getting rid of Pyrex (or other cookware) though. And nor did I spot any Icecream makers lurking. Damn.

Still, I think, despite the desperate lack of space in the house, we can class it as a success.

* To acquire all the Harry Potter books in children’s UK hardback editions (not the ‘adult’ ones), in reasonable condition, from second hand shops. Today was ‘goblet of fire’ in paperback day, and half blood prince in hardback day. My copy of Half Blood Prince was the best I saw today, but was 50p more than the cheapest copy (which had lost it’s dust cover. I want the dust covers too). Not that I need a book acquiring mission!


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