It’s quite odd.

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I should remember from before, but it is quite odd, having got the 300 series (1940s, bakelite, carbon granule mike’d) phone working with the internet we received a phonecall today. Now, really, the reason I like it is that unlike the modern DECT phone which plays an attrocious tune (because it doesn’t have ‘ring ring’ or just plain ‘ring’ in it’s repertoir of awful noises) it rings properly. Now, on the net-phone adaptor it does, I’ll admit, go ‘Riiiiiiiinnnnnnnng……………………….Riiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng………………’ in the manner, disturbingly, of a US phone. Something to which I’m not really used.

But it does so with a lump of metal hitting a couple of bells. As it should.

But it is a trifle odd talking to someone in another country on a piece of British history using technology they’d never have dreamt of when it was invented. Especially when you’ve been watching too much Torchwood, and are a huge fan of Dr Who.

Anyhow. Back on nights. Feeling still not 100% so let’s see if I last the week or disintegrate part way through.


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