Dear Government

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The scrappage scheme in the UK has removed another polluting car from the roads…


That minor is f*cking beautiful. Perhaps the underside looks like crap, but I suspect not. I think that after more than 40 years on the road producing around 38mpg – the same as a modern car – with little to no usage of resources it’s been scrapped to prop up a corrupt and depressing parliamentary system. Anything where the heads of an industry too stupid and blind to change their production to move away from producing cars which are just as dirty as they were 40 years ago, when the technology is there to do so, get to influence government policy so markedly does not deserve to survive.

Dear labour: Fuck. You. All.

I want real green policies which will actually change the world for the better. I want transformations to the way the country is run so that it isn’t run for big business and with disgraceful invasions of people’s privacy.

It’s shameful that the policy they instigated to prop up the motor manufacturers for a few more months / years is destroying bits of our heritage. They should be ashamed.

As a side point, it made me tempted, for once, to break the law. Obtain a chassis plate from a wreck, and switch them, so that the unrestorable wreck gets crushed and the wreck can be on the road. It’s called ‘ringing’, and is notorious and illegal, but the scrapping of that car is just plain wrong.


Get me out of this country, please.


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