Potentially ‘coming down with something’

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So all week (after my 77hour week before; just in case I’d not mentioned that) I’ve had a bit of a sore throat. It’s mainly gone away so long as I’ve drunk plenty in the morning, but it’s been there quite definitely for the last couple of days, needing plenty of fluids through the day to chivy it away. It was quite specific when it was there; on the right side of my throat and nowhere else.

Today I’ve been feeling generally knackered; more so than the slightly late bed-time yesterday and the busyiness of the week that we’ve had should prompt. Finally, since the pain’s spread to my right ear too (and it’s an annoying niggly pain) I peered down my throat using the bathroom mirror. One of my tonsils is quite big and red.

Which seems unfair.

Still, we did get a new toilet seat (which Kathryn’s fitted, and which is much, much nicer than the manky one we saved from the old bathroom); a new bathroom bin (which is more bathroom appropriate than the old office bin); cleared out the wardrobe for the arrival of the carpenter; obtained 2 new deckchairs (one of which appears to be somewhat frustratingly missing a bit, so I’ll have to pop over to B&Q tomorrow); I ordered the tool for the car; moved the records downstairs (so the carpenter can carpent, or whatever it is they do); moved the 13″ Rims from the van (to be returned tomorrow); attempted to get Kwik Fit to fit tyres to the new wheels (they don’t have any stock); Tried to decide if they’ll actually hold pressure so I can drive to Kwik Fit; and laid on the bed for a while going ‘blurgh’.

Oh, and listened to the ‘new’ A.M. CD – which arrived – along with the present for Kathryn (Alix Olson).

Oh, and hired a car for next week.

And we cleaned the bathroom, the bedroom and some of the kitchen…

All in all it’s been positively busy around here :)


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