Guilt Removal Process

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Unless I’m lying in bed feeling like I’m dying I feel guilty about taking time off – more and more the better I feel the more I feel like I should be at work. Today I was feeling positively guilt ridden – especially since I was feeling well enough to take back the rental Car (a Ford Ka, the less said about the experience of driving such a ‘car’ the better, I feel*).

Anyhow. So I gently got myself in the car; I wasn’t feeling awful but not brilliant either. By the time I’d dropped off the car and got back home (with a lift from the enterprise people who are continuing to impress me. They’re open on time, they give you a lift home, they even returned my house key that I left in the car!) I am back to feeling pants.

Therefore I am right to take today and tomorrow off.

Apparently Vixy should be back with us soon. Ra!

* The more I encounter modern cars the less I feel I understand why people like them. Okay they’re quick, but soulless too, and the interior of the Ka Style felt like cheap tacky plastic stuck on a cheap tacky body. It sounded like it still had a Kent engine, and apparently it possibly still has** (I’m having a bit of difficulty deciding which engine it’s got).
** Question: Why does Britain hate its engineering heritage so much? Is it shame at our past? Because when Rover kept using the venerable A-Series derivatives; a fantastically designed petrol engine, it was derided; when Ford keep using the Kent engine (also a 1950s derivative) which I think is no-where near as nice, they get to call it a Duratec and it’s all okay?


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