Brief updates from the sick-bed^W sofa

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I’m good at the whining, no? *cough cough* ;)

Seriously, a few thoughts that have occurred today:

+ I really should update the website, I’ve not been 26 for a while…
+ It doesn’t even link to my flickr page – the photo gallery has been unchanged since about 2k6 too..
+ I need to get out there with my camera some more. I’ve been neglecting that hobby badly; and my old SLR is feeling sad too.
+ Antibiotics still make me feel crap, but my tonsils have less pus on them than yesterday, which has got to be a good thing.
+ My beloved wife is the most awesome person, she turned up at home today with an innocent smoothie, an a copy of practical classics (and half a twix bar) :)))
+ “I was going to get you New Scientist but I couldn’t remember if you like it” *grins*. She rocketh.
+ She’s making a cake! For us! And she’s letting me sit on the couch and loaf because “you’re sick”. She is *such* a wonderful person to me. I totally don’t deserve someone so awesome.
+ We ate peas and beans from the garden today and they were hell-a tasty.
+ Carpenters appear to have similar time keeping skills to builders. I.e. none at all. Looks around at all the carpenteering that’s gone on today (i.e. none) and mutters darkly.
+ Builders are very happy to put off work. ‘Can you come in a weeks time’ ‘oh! no problem’.
+ I&A Car Services, in Slough, continue to inspire me with ongoing competence.
+ Some e-bay sellers do not, although the world is tormenting me by supplying all the things that didn’t arrive while I was working on the car in my week off.
+ The final season of The Wire starts off damn harsh. Last season though. Why did I not know about this when it was on?!
+ I’ve opted to take the other 2 days I was meant to work at the beginning of the week off sick. Pustular tonsillitis I’ve decided, warrants a few days off. More importantly the feeling like crap on antibugs warrants it.


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