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So, BSG has been, without doubt, my favourite series, probably ever. Well, perhaps tied with Firefly, but firefly never had the chance to grow and develop the complexity that BSG had. Firefly it was all in the back story, BSG was able to take the back story and develop it while you watched. And bring you more bits of back story as it went along.

BSG has been a regular component of my TV viewing since 2003, and with the odd uneven episode it’s been the most incredible show to watch unfold.

The characters are complex and flawed. Their interrelationships difficult. And I suppose having just seen the disaster that was the L word finale, I was worried that I would watch the BSG finale and be left disappointed and frustrated.

That isn’t what happened. I cried, I felt elated, I was engaged and completely involved in what happened. The whole episode was incredibly well written, the endings touching and appropriate and perfect.

I can’t really do it any more justice than to link to Howlsthunder’s post (spoilers) which says all I want to say.

I look forward to The Plan and Caprica. And it’s one of the few things I’d want in HD to watch on a really big screen, because it is beautifully shot.


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