There’s no time like tomorrow (or yesterday)…

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So, yesterday, as the sun blazed (well, in winter-terms) and the clear blue sky sat above my head I spent the day working on the laptops. They’re both now working, and shall both be photographed and whisked onto e-bay (along with my mum’s old pashley trike, in need of some renovation, but she’s got a multi-geared beastie now).

Of course, to do this requires batteries in my camera. My camera, as we’ve discussed eats batteries for breakfast. In fact, oh internets, should I get it a decent set of batteries? It killed the Uniross ones in fairly short order, so I’m not sure it’s worth forking out for decent batteries. It took about the same amount of time to kill the (alledgedly 3000mAh) MultiplePower batteries (about 1/2 the cost of the Unirosses) but they were new, whereas the Uniross batteries were quite old when I started to put them in the camera.

It does say in the manual “This camera will stomp all over the batteries you put in it, sucking out every last ounce of power before ritually disemboweling them” (or words to that effect). Since I can’t afford a new, a second hand, or any sort of camera (specifically a Micro 4/3s Lumix would be nice, I imagine, although I’ve not played with one and may hate their UI) I’m thinking I need to get a new set of batteries. If anyone requires batteries for low power usage these are fine, they run my CDPlayer and the TV’s remote control absolutely fine.

Or does anyone have a way of reviving NiMH batteries?

Anyway, off topic. So I’ve only just remembered to put them on charge so that I can photograph the PowerBook and the iBook. What I wanted to to put my mind to today was sorting out the DAF. It is, therefore, misty and cold today. The sky is a pale shade of grey and I can’t see the houses at the other end of the street ‘cos it’s so misty / foggy. If it hasn’t cleared up by lunch time I’ll go out there anyhow :-/

So I’m kind of at a loose end at the moment…


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