Amazingly, I’m not working on the car

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It’s Sunday, it’s cold out, and guess what. I’m inside!


I can feel all my limbs, my peripheries are not the temperature of something you’d normally drop in a cocktail, and I can’t see my breath. The lights fading and I’m not struggling to put in bolts in the half-light.

The minor has an exhaust, I’m not rating it as the best fitting exhaust in all of christendom, it’s an Aluminised Steel one so it hopefully last a few years longer than a plain mild steel one (before it rusts and drops off). I’ve poked at LJ, Kathryn and I went out for a drive in the DAF – we went out for one yesterday and on hitting 40mph the L plate (a magnetic one) peeled up and flicked off the front of the car, fluttering gently into traffic. Sadly it meant Kathryn couldn’t drive home from the store, so we checked the road today and couldn’t see it… Instead, today, we bought a static-cling one which is living behind the front windscreen – seeming less likely to go fluttering off.

Assuming it’s not pissing down with rain tomorrow I may even take the little DAF round the corner and get the front and rear windows removed and refitted in an attempt to stop the high rate of water ingress.

We’ve had a very nice breakfast, in a relaxed and quite decadent manner (Lady Grey tea, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and Parmesan; with toasted bagels and home* made jam (apple and ginger)) before we head out to inflict DAF on Slough. I’ve placed a bid on an e-bay Bread Maker – we appear to have missed the whole bread-makers being cool thing. Every shop appears to have stopped stocking them. The two laptops have all of a few quid between them – which is less great, but hopefully the watchers will bid in the last few minutes as normal.

Jejy still has a few quirks, most noteably a distinct leftward urge when braking hard. The idle’s started to settle down now, which is nice, it was far too high (my fault) because I kinked the throttle cable (and also because I pulled it too taught). Other than that though, she’s been a good little car, and definately is running better with the new air filter, the new insulated king lead & the insulated HT leads… :)

You’d think I’d’ve noticed the horrendous lack of insulation at some point earlier….never mind :)

*My mum’s home, not ours…


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