This is your brain on no-sleep

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So, ‘scuse the post spam, but I thought I should clarify that whilst I’m exhausted I am up and surviving the day. I don’t feel as attrociously awful as I might – although my stomach is still churning away. Maybe microwave lasagne and microwave mushroom stroganoff is not the way to live. I’m sure it is possible to live healthily with only a microwave, for my mum has some incredibly cunning microwave only recipes, but we don’t…

I am sitting awaiting the arrival of the builders so I can head out to Lidl and get the Orchids and the USB hub. I’ve made the world’s worst cup of tea, which is a shame, ‘cos it’s probably the only hot drink I’ll get today. I’ve sadly noticed that the sockets I sunk in the kitchen aren’t even. They’re all within about an inch of each other, but it’s quite frustrating to realise how far out one of them is. Well, one of the ones that was meant to be level. I may end up tetrising the kitchen, or I may end up just plain tiling it, but either way I’m going to have to try and hide the misleveling of the plugs. For all my laughing at the people who built the house’s failure to use a level I’ve gone and bloody done it myself :)

Ah well.

In other news….uh….what was I going to write here?

I’ve done some more of the ATNC course…no, that wasn’t it… I don’t think I was planning to write about the DAF (ting ting ting), or the poems or that we wrote out the order of the ceremony… poot. I did have something to say. Well, expect more post spam if it comes back to me.

Ah, no, you’re saved. So, yes, I e-mailed one of the ‘we’ll get you to Vancouver’ companies, it seems that the schedule we’d laid out was about right; assuming they’ll let me apply with only 1-and-a-bit year’s experience. I’m praying that they will, because I really want to get out of Slough. And I’d rather do it in a civilised one-step-leap rather than a move-elsewhere-then-abroad-twin-step-leap which it would have to be, because I concur with Kathryn’s desire to be out of Slough at the end of another year.

One of the things which struck me, is my brain’s inability to understand the size of the world. The world can seem so very small, just yesterday we chatted to Sarah on the phone, and a couple of weeks ago we were sat in her lounge chatting away. Getting my brain to follow the reality that they’re thousands of miles away is hard. That hours must elapse on planes between seeing them and seeing my family isn’t something which comes easily to my head…

Anyway, now you’re awake, whatcha doing with your day?


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