Damn shops

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So, I need passport photos for the interview next week, in search of which I headed in to town. Well, technically I headed in to the bank and they said “oh, the nearest is the sainsburys”. So I went to the Sainsburys who informed me their photo machine was gone; and the nearest was a Chemist which I couldn’t be bothered to drive around looking for so I went into town (where, incidentally I now know of 4, maybe even 5 photo machines in a tiny tiny radius).

Anyhow, having got my photos I thought, hell, I’m in town, I should pick up the secateurs (sp.) and a green-wood-saw so I can trim the Bay tree. Oh, and a new cafetier. Apparently single cup cafetiers are somewhat less in fashion than when I bought it because having toured a large variety of shops I was unable to locate one. Thankfully woolworths’ still had the same model I bought before – albeit a penny more expensive this time – and this one, oddly, doesn’t say “PYREX” in the little hole where it should. Still.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find it until I’d stumbled unwittingly into Wilkinson’s. Wilkinsons, cheap as they are also have the advantage of being needlessly vague about where things are made (instead putting “Distributed by Wilkinsons, UK”, or similar on their packaging). This allows me to assume that they’re not items made by people living on slave-like wages in a dictatorship (unlike labels which proclaim certain countries I could name). Of course their *price* probably indicates otherwise, but my rare purchases from them ameliorate my feelings of guilt, at least slightly.

Anyhow, I wandered in in search of the Cafetier and the gardening implements and was lucky to escape with just a toilet brush, toothbrush holder, shower organisy doojit and a toilet roll holder. I was awfully close to getting the cheap-but-adequate bathroom cabinet but was stopped by a sudden fit of sanity. Oh, and the garden bench which is almost certainly atrocious quality but looks pretty nifty.

Anyhow, I’m off to do some garden tidying; and if the light holds I might do some very local abandonment.

I am, incidentally, feeling brighter. A bit of in-my-head poetry writing and some getting out in the sunshine truly did help.


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