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So, I guess I’ve been somewhat slack in my updates of late; work’s been incredibly hard – after a week of the nicest shifts I could imagine, a week of nights where I came home tired only because I was on nights, and not because I’d been working so hard I felt like collapsing I’ve gone back to days where we have so many patients through the department that ‘coping’ is an innacrurate term. Virtually every day sees calls to management to say ‘we have amulances queuing in the doorway’, and the waiting room looks like the front rows at a gig, people crammed in with no where to go.

The phrase ‘sorry for the wait’ now trips off my tongue in the same way as “Hi, I’m Kate, I’m the nurse looking after you’. And last night was so busy I came home and spent the entire night dreaming about Resus; I kept waking up from a pseudo anxiety dream in which I was required to shock the patient in Cardiac arrest (which I’m trained and assessed to do, but have never done); in between that one were the multiple sequences of just being so insanely busy in resus that I kept transferring patients out and coming back to a full bay. It wasn’t a good night’s sleep.

To top it off, finances mean that I’m now in the midst of applying to work for an agency so that I can work on my days off. On the plus side we should have a new boiler soon (the 16th), not that we can afford it, but running the electric house/water heating cost us 400 quid over Xmas, so we need to stop that.

Anyhow, work calls (summons me from afar), hopefully I’ll get around to updating a bit more, I’ve got some things I’d like to post about.

On the good (awesome) side, tomorrow Kathryn and I will have been together for a year; so we’re off to London for the day :)


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