Two days off

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So, I’ve got two days off midweek, I did this to myself so that my ‘working 50% of weekends’ actually comes out right; although I’m told some people never roster themselves to do an entire weekend. It’s okay though; I don’t want to not spend the weekend with Kathryn, but at least I get to spend evenings with her.

At the moment I need that, because when I’m at work I don’t think about money and when I’m with Kathryn I don’t think about money. When I’m sat here on my own I think about money.

I owe my mum 2k for Rebecca, and she’s not finished yet.
The boiler’s another 1,300 quid (going by the first quote which seems about right based on my research), unless the second quote is mysteriously much cheaper then that’s about what I can expect.
The new AM cd is out and it’s 6 quid, I’m winding myself up by listening to the samples on cdbaby and the two downloaded tracks from the website. It sounds good, gaaah. ;)

I have realised that I am going to have to join a nursing agency if I’m going to have a hope in hell of ‘catching up’ on my finances. So along with the 300 quids worth of gas and electric bills (that’s half of the nearly 600 quid total); there’s a fair amount of ‘catching up’ to do. The application form is here by me, so that’s todays job, find all my training dates, find all my documentation and stick it back in the post to them.

House work is kinda stalled, mostly because I can’t do anything much until the second quote for the boiler is in. Once that’s in and they’re booked to come in, well, then we’re into a different ball game. I should be scrubbing at tiles, but I’ve realised something; I’m exhausted. I’ve been working on the house, or working at work almost solidly for over a year. It’s occasionally okay to rest. :)

It’d’ve been nice if it was a nice day for me to rest on, maybe get my camera out, but for the minute I’ll go with just trying not to be exhausted.

I have to mention that we had a great weekend; Lauren and Chrissy came down and visited and we all piled into town to watch Sweeny Todd, which turned out to be very dark, gory, and really, really good. Lots of blood though. Which turned into a discussion in the car on the way back on the accuracy of film representation of blood… One of the joys of being (or knowing) a nurse…

Lauren and Chrissy headed off the next day after a trip to Windsor, which is, it must be said, much prettier than Slough. We kinda window shopped (they actually shopped) and we generally behaved much as we always do when faced with a maze. Shortly after they headed off, as scheduled, my mother arrived. We then had a nice long evening with my mom, before I took her to the Airport in the Morning. Kathryn and I had an incredibly lazy morning and then headed off to Windsor/Eton Wick again – this time to wander down by the river (again with the pretty). There’s a bit of an oddity there, in so far as there appears to be a colony of some kind of parakeet (sp.) or parroty thing there. That’s definately *not* a native bird…


Parakeet or Parrot, it's definately not a sparrow


It was all very pretty though, and relaxing, and just a joy to relax and spend time out of the house with Kathryn.


I think it was the Thames



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