It’s 2008, time to bore you all silly

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You know, for those of you who read my journal (and thank you for doing so; although I post mainly for myself, it’s nice to get the odd comment) this post may be somewhat of a repeat. But, quite frankly, I care not.

Every year since the dawn of time, or at least since I started journaling, come sickness or wellness, drunken debauchery or sophisticated soiree, as soon as I physically can I’ll do an journal-summary of the past year. It’s something of a progress meter, a way for me to look back at where I was and where I am now and go “ah, that’s how I got here”. Ironically, the here in this case is in many respects not dissimilar from the here I was at last year. But, there are several huge and important differences, so while if you look at just the simple facts, and even some of the smaller things, my life isn’t that different; if you take in the whole and take account of the biggest and most important change in my life, my life has become a whole other kettle of fish. One I’m actively enjoying (if not right at this moment, riddled with cold as I am).

Last year in Kate’s Life.So, I entered 2007 having recently purchased this house, and was decorating like a maniac. The place was a hole when I moved in, good bones, but nothing much useable, with a housewarming party Looming I cleaned, tidied, organsied and decorated like there was no tomorrow, and in January it happened and went pretty well. Especially considering the complete and total variety of people there, everyone seemed to have fun. But that was really it, for the first month and a bit, all I did was decorate and worry about Rebecca. That’s something that’s not changed…

February was altogether a more interesting month. I met this person on the internet, in an act which appears to have used up all the probability available for that month. We met up in Russell Square and headed out for drinks and chats and misreading of body language. But it all worked out, because you see, I love her, and she loves me and we now live together. But that’s fast forwarding somewhat. Mostly I spent February wandering round with a huge grin on my face. February also saw the arrival of the illustrious Brick, my Red Vauxhall Viva, in it’s SL Metallic Red goodness. Despite more warning signs than an entire highway code, I picked him up and drove him home like the fool I am.

In many ways, the rest of the year continued with much of the same, so I shan’t comment on the house, or on Brick for the ‘rest’ of 2007, instead let’s concentrate on more interesting things like… the eclipse. Despite knowing about it, because of work I was endevouring to sleep – but eclipses and photographs go well together, so I did toddle outside and take a few quick shots.

March also saw Jordax’s first play; a single act play as it was I really was very impressed; I’ve loved his writing for a long time, and so watching something of his on the stage, well it was excellent. Jordax and I also did a little bit of urbexing despite the cold weather – the things I remember most strongly from that experience was the Coca-Cola freezer and how great it looked, and how impossible to capture it was; and also the cold playing havoc with my camera’s batteries. March also saw the first time Kathryn came down to Slough… and although things didn’t go entirely smoothly, she didn’t scream and run from the mess of a house in which we live; or from me… all of which are good things :)

April, being my birthday month (and Kathryn’s, as it goes), saw us visiting Windsor great park (which is gorgeous and I can’t believe we’ve not made it back there; nor can I believe that that was 9 months ago!), more photography – I think that’s when we both joined Snapshot hunter (something I’ve been very slack with of late); and more urbexing. See, that’s how awesome Kathryn is, she went urbexing with me (and take cool photos of abandonment to show me too. She rocks. Did I mention that I love her?).

Now, I know I said no more about the house, but this kinda was a biggie. Work started on the bathroom – yup, it took until May to get the builders in, but fairly quickly the floorjoists were doubled and I (later we) set to on the mammoth task of converting a bedroom into a bathroom. Kathryn headed off to Romania for her work placement, something I was worrying about – would she still be interested when she came back? May also saw the arrival of my mum’s electric car (something she’s still yet to drive, thanks to the slowness of the insurance company) and also the arrival of an offer of employment in the ED of a big hospital for me. Something which continues to keep me stocked up with awesome. That said, it also keeps me knackered.

Okay, skimping time. It’s now the end of January and I’ve barely posted ‘cos I keep thinking my post should be this one. So.

June – lots more house stuff, started the new job, fetched my mom’s EV from Wales.

July – Kathryn came back from Romania this month, and we went to the Lake District together.

Seeing Kathryn again completely confirmed how wonderful what we have is, her being away in Romania made me miss her more than words. I still can’t get over how lucky I am to have met her. After our holiday in the Lakes we headed back via Nikki and Kate’s in Bristol – doing the Harbour festival and meeting up with Liz too. I forget to allocate enough time to seeing friends, especially now they’re a couple of hours away. Well, more accurately, the house steals all the limelight (and time).

We may as well skip over August, apart from visiting Kathryn it was all house stuff, so instead, here’s a photo from July.

Bristol Sphere

In September, Kathryn moved down from Norwich, and to tell the truth, I didn’t write much. Basically, I’m happy spending my time with her, and tapping away on the keyboard seems to have lost it’s appeal somewhat. That and time that’s not spent with Kathryn is mostly spent working on the house or at work. I don’t comment that much on work because drawing the line between fair comment and patient confidentiality always seems quite hard to me (that and I’m just not the sort to stay ranty for long. I want to rant about work, I do it to Kathryn, and then it’s gone).

We did do a few things that made it though the radio silence though, we went to a very cool production of Venus as a Boy at the Soho Theatre, and we also went to Pari’s wedding. Not only was it good to see a friend so happy, it was good to catch up with everyone else who was there.

October saw Lauril visiting on her way through to Spain; we did an incredibly quick tour of London, touring all the main sites at high speed, grabbing Sushi and stopping at CC&K. All necessary parts of a tour of London ;)

Kathryn and I headed to the Paramedic’s Halloween party, which was fun if a little strange. I am a social creature, but in small ways. I’m far too nervous around big groups that I don’t know, although we hid on the dance floor for a while, strutting our stuff, which I did enjoy muchly.

November saw us racking up the miles again, heading to help Nikki and Kate move house, and of course, Thanksgiving. It’s my second or third thanksgiving, and James headed down for while we made everything that a thanksgiving should include in our incredibly crappy kitchen. I think it’s safe to say a good night was had by all; and we celebrated Thanksgiving in the company of friends, which is the point :)

December saw Christmas approach, and Kathryn’s trip to the States. I wish I could’ve gone with her this year, but I couldn’t get the holiday (and affording it is also something that wasn’t going to happen), so instead I stayed home and worked. Not as much as I wanted, but work was done. And Christmas came and went, with it’s fine presents and love and friendship. And thus was done my year.



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