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So, in the past few months the Royal Mail appear to have consumed around 30 quid of my stuff. A CD I’ve been waiting months for, and a tee-shirt I’ve been waiting rather less long for remain MIA. This high quality service is something I’ve come to expect, but it does make me start to worry about sending anything by mail. This whine came to you courtesy of me deciding to listen to the MP3s for the CD that I’ve not got. It sounds awesome, even on my crappy laptop speakers (one of which sometimes gets bored).

I thought I might post something about work; basically as time filler because it’s so fracking cold here this morning (I feel very sorry for my poor beloved who was up at 5 freezing her arse off); and I’m waiting hopefully for the bathroom to heat up. ‘cos I’m going to work ‘early’ I’m thinking I can’t be bothered to tile; but I may change my mind when I’ve had my shower… Yesterday I made it as far as the faux wall which makes up one end of the shower cubicle. I’ve got another few tiles to go on the real wall (I only did about half height); and then I should be able to, well, tile the shower. I also did a ‘test’ tile on the painted wood, so we’ll see how that’s stuck. If that’s okay I can tile that; which can then be grouted, and the bath can go up against the wall and be finally locked into position. I can see the bathroom being finished in a few days. It’s going to be tedious and seriously hard work, but it’s possible.

So, work. I said before I’m settling in; which is definately true. Most people are fairly used to the fact that I talk to myself a not insignificant amount. It’s more that I think aloud almost continuously if I’m not “thinking” about being quiet. I would ascribe this to working from home, and my childhood spent mostly on my own. I got used to my voice being the main one that I’d hear; and without hearing it I’d not hear anything. I’m unlikely to stop talking to myself, even though one of the returning-to-work people I’ve met finds it a little, well, odd. Some people seem to be getting my sense of humour more, and I’m more and more comfortable joking with people.

But with nearly 100 people working with, there are still days I’m with people who have barely worked with me before, and those days can be a little more tiring.

Despite that number of people working there; there are few days where we’re not short staffed, and those days are just way more tiring. Even yesterday when we were theoretically fully staffed in Majors, because of confusion when we started we never got on top of the influx. That and there were almost always one or two people queueing. I did have two good moments though; there was getting a new doctor I’d not met to see a patient who I was concerned about; there’s an art to getting doctors to see people and I think it’s the fact that I’m now much less fazed by sick people that does it. I just say things like ‘well, she’s a little blue around the edges’… and they get the impression that I know what I’m talking about :)

Which is quite nice, previously it’s been a bit of a struggle. That and I got blood (not, sadly, enough, because she yanked her hand away) from a woman with the worlds tiniest wobblyest veins. I more and more have a go at the hard people, because if I don’t do the hard ones, then I’ll never be any good at them. And I succeeded, at least more or less. I didn’t get the Biochem (which she really did need) – but it took a Dr 4 attempts to get the biochem.

Basically, that’s my update. Incredibly I’m not that tired today; but I don’t have a great deal of enthusiasm for the whole sitting in the cold bath and showering with the feeblespray.

I’m also suffering temptation to replace my stolen MP3 player. I’ve got a little bored of my CD collection in the car, and I miss having the nice smallness that was my nipod. Meh.


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