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Today’s just been one of those days; you know, one where whilst nothing goes horrendously wrong, nothing quite goes right either.

I couldn’t sleep last night, and so instead of being up early I curled up with my head on Kathryn and went back to sleep this morning.
The plumbing shop had the bits I asked for… but I asked for the wrong size (I’ll have to change them tomorrow).
The clothes shops didn’t have anything for Kathryn to wear to work (Slough has astonishingly poor clothing selections).
I didn’t see any trainers to replace my worn out and disintegrating Karimoor ones (which I rather like, presumably why they’re disintegrating).
I couldn’t remember where the garage I need to leave the deposit at is – making it hard to leave a deposit – but we did spend about 15 minutes circling the streets trying to find it.
We forgot items at the supermarket.
And I cooked too little rice for dinner, meaning that I had bread instead; not that I particularly object to bread, but I did have to sneak the plate in after Kathryn started eating so as she’d eat the rice I’d cooked without forcing us to share the measily amount I’d made.

All in all it’s been a really quite frustrating and disappointing day.


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