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Whilst during the day we have our regular clients; people who’re lonely, people who’re not really sick but call an ambulance for the company, people who’s GP can’t be bothered to go out so sends an ambulance instead. During the night we get a different group of regulars. There seem to be several varieties, but as you may’ve guessed by now the most common of these is the pissed-and-fell-over group. Usually, pissed, fell over, ‘friends’ abandoned them on the street. At the beginning of the week they’re not too lectured-to, but at least for me, by the end of the week they get a free long lecture on drinking sensibly, and a marked lack of sympathy.

This set of nights’s been hugely varied; some days I’ve had dross, some days I’ve had some truly horrific injuries, and seriously unwell people. I’ve spent much of my time practicing my suturing, pulling bits of glass and grit from people; a little of my time applying plasters (as in plaster-of-paris plasters) which is definately something I enjoy but also something I need to work on. Though apparently the two plasters (when checked by people who can plaster) were adequate, they both needed some trimming (before I got them checked) and the second one I got the plaster vastly the wrong length; and had to wait for it to dry before chopping off a great big chunk. Not that I mind, but I think the patient was a little nervous.

It’s a funny week really, now it’s over it doesn’t seem like a week – although I feel rough as sin for only having an hours sleep in the last 26 or so. And having been on my feet all night; and I really was busy for much of the night. I worked in the Resuscitation bay and we had it full several times last night. Majors, Minors and the Observation ward I’m fairly happy with. I need to get up to speed on cannulation, but on a good day with a following wind I can pick up sick people; I do all the appropriate tests; etc, and during this block of nights the doctor was strongly suggesting a woman who I felt was unwell should go home. Having basically disregarded the doctor’s input I did a bunch of blood tests, threw some oxygen on the woman and lo, it turned out that she probably has a blood clot. Probably a PE. She was admitted when she was seen… by one of the other doctors :)

So, that made me feel pretty good about myself. I seem to be becoming more part of the team, which is nice; and settling in happily and being part of the furniture. Although people still ask me how I’m settling in. But it’s kinda nice.

And now I have a week off, well, it’s really not quite a week off because today is limited in it’s usefulness (because I feel faintly sick and incredibly tired) but I’ve got a few bits and bobs done; I’ve watched Peter’s Friends (which I’ve not seen for years and is still an excellent film), done two loads of laundry, the dishes, sanded and primed one of the two remaining bath feet, removed the incorrectly laid tiles from the bathroom and removed most (not quite all) of the tile adhesive, put out the recycling and had a bit of a nap. Perhaps it’s little wonder I feel like crap :)


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