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Um, somewhat of a lazy title – but lots has been going on here. The last week has flown past; I’ve had a lot of hard shifts at work, and a very good shift – I’ve finally started suturing. I can now officially say that I’ve put people back together. Not necessarily very well… But they seemed to think it was neat enough. I had a good old wash out of the wounds and my suturing seems remarkably neat. Given my complete lack of sewing abilities the fact I can sew people back together has come as somewhat of a shock.

I’m really pleased to have got started on that though.

I’m told that I can go into minors again on Thursday and if that’s possible then I can do *more* :)

Kathryn and I spend a really nice day in London yesterday; I felt very decadent, somehow. We went to drop off some applications for her, well, that and some errands. And made a day of it, she posted about it here… I was just going to comment a little on Venus as a Boy – the play we went to see. I am still surprised at how the tale of a male prostitute’s descent into prostitution and eventual demise – a tale which centred around basically all the unpleasant and awful things which happened in his life – remained an incredibly positive feeling play. And the ability of the performer (who’s name escapes me) to carry me (at least) to the places he described; and to portray ages very different than his own – and multiple different ages though the play really impressed me.

So, that was us, last night, at Soho Theatre.

Today we got some of this… and put it here. It was a hideous job, it’s not quite finished, because a small section of the loft is floored – and rather than take that up, because we want to floor it anyhow – so there’s just that small section to be insulated. But it was filthy up there – and the guy and insulated it using randomly selected carpet and underlay, and apparently the lining of a mattress. All of that’s come up now and been relayed with 200 mm of glass fibre. Glass fibre is itchy, no matter what it might say on the packet.

And in final other news; my laptop also needs reinstalling. It’s regularly hitting 1005 processor usage. By which I mean, every few seconds. I can’t actually type and have the results come up on the screen at the same time as I type. They come up in floods after I’ve typed entire sentences – and correcting mistakes takes minutes. But I need to retrieve the files off it first…which means getting either the Mac or the Windows box working well enough to copy them. Gah.


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