lather, rinse, repeat.

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Mondays are always awful, monday lates, in particular are somewhat like drawing teeth. Or being dropped in a bucket full of angry piranhas… the funny thing is; today I encountered conditions I know nothing about; I was run off my feet, and barely got a chance to see anything, but…

…it was so much better. What wasn’t better was the two exceedingly selfish patients who both absconded. This meant that instead of me doing nursing work for an hour I spent an hour tracking one of them down and the other got reported to the police. I could have been doing something *useful* in that hour. But no.

I have however come home to my BT Homehub being it’s usual completely shit self. It’s now decided that the PC downstairs is beyond redemption and shall not be allowed to connect under any circumstances whatsoever. *sighs*

I may set it to use static IP addresses because clearly it’s DHCP server is as effective the rest of the box. Bloody pile of crap. Anyway. I’ll return you now to your normal scheduled programming.


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