Today’s progress (so far)

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From the list:

– Finally finish off internal bathroom plumbing; I know I keep saying it’s more or less finished, and it is, it’s just fiddly jobs left. That’s the problem though; they’re fiddly, like, the pipework for the bath taps – I need to know the height of the taps… And the cistern valve. It won’t be completely finished, ‘cos I can’t fit the shower plumbing until the shower’s tiled. And I can’t fit the bath taps until the floor’s tiled. And I can’t fit the sink taps until the sink’s attached to the wall…
– Finish screwing down the floor boards.
– Obtain and put up the last baton for the faux end wall in the shower.
– Put up the Cement-board wall (Aquaboard) that makes up the faux wall.

– Screw down the wood (on the floor) which marks out the section that’ll be boxed off (with plumbing inside it). I’ve bought the wood for this
– Start and hopefully finish putting up the shower door. (doing this nearly killed me and nearly resulted in me being the proud owner of 200 quids worth of bent aluminium and shattered glass)

Not in the list but done:

I’ve stripped the paint off one of the sink supports. There’s one more to do…


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