Day 1000 of Seven Million

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Or at least, sometimes it feels that way as I plod on working on the house.

Anyhow; status is thus:
– Finally finish off internal bathroom plumbing….postponed until the floor’s down. Although I did attached the last of the pipes for the sink; so when the brackets are done I can pop that up and plumb it in.
– Finish screwing down the floor boards.
– Obtain and put up the last baton for the faux end wall in the shower.
– Put up the Cement-board wall (Aquaboard) that makes up the faux wall.
– Screw down the wood (on the floor) which marks out the section that’ll be boxed off (with plumbing inside it).
– Start and hopefully finish putting up the shower door.

– With a bit of luck I might even get to commence the tile-a-thon this weekend. That would be really nice… Because again, it’s an ‘end in sight’ moment. 

I’ve started the tileathon, only insofar as to lay out the tiles, I need an RCD before plugging in the tile cutter but I’ve decided where the ‘full’ tiles go and where I’m cutting… Now, it’s been a while since I laid tiles so everyone wish me luck; but for now I am going to have a shower and try and wash some of the gunk off me. I spent some time today sweeping up – that room was so dusty. Even after three attempts I still had huge amounts of dirt to sweep up. I would have used the hoover but the builder’s split the bag and I’ve not got around to ordering a new one.

Although I’m gonna get a bunch of bits; new bags for the aquavac and new filters for the venerable DC01; which I’ll also have a go at de-fluffing, because I suspect it’s full of crap.


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