Frack me, it didn’t leak.

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That’s not to say it won’t start leaking in the future. But at this moment… *goes to check again* the only thing that’s leaking is one of the compression isolation valves which I threw on to test whether the pipes leaked. I am astonished. I rock.

My house is, however, now home to a hideous cludge:

Yes, that is in fact a hack to get water from downstairs to upstairs before I start attacking the downstairs plumbing. Clicky the picture for a couple more progress shots…

The other thing I did today was go down and charge my mum’s Enfield. It turns out she can’t get the charger connector on, which is somewhat of a bugger; although I might try slathering things in silicone lubricant, since I’ve got some, and see if she can then. But it’s very stiff, even I struggled. This did, however, involve rearranging the garage; the best (albeit temporary) solution we’ve managed to reach is having the car half in / half out.

This obviously won’t really *do* as it’s meant to go on charge for 8 hours from flat (although it took only an hour and a bit today to switch off). Having poked and prodded around the car some more I’ve discovered that it doesn’t appear to have it’s original controller; which is somewhat of a surprise, and that it comes with the front cover of the log for the research project of which it was part. Anyhow, more Enfield and related pictures here. My mum’s already talking about getting more range and fasterness with bigger / more modern batteries and a better controller. She’s not even *driven* it yet!

Still, the MOT’s booked, so hopefully we can get down there and get that done :)

I also took a few random flower shots, so you can get them here


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