Stoopid house

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So, I’ve been starting to try to obtain bits for my bathroom, and attempting to win (off e-bay) a variety of kitchen/house bits (including a boiler; in hopes of having hot water / heating in time for the summer ;-) ). At any rate, I’ve also been starting to plan my shower, and I’ve discovered what I have to call ‘a problem’.

It turns out the gap where I’m intending to put my shower is not, as I’d hoped, 1200+mm, which is a standard shower size. No, it’s 1180mm, which is not. 1100 is an uncommon – but available size. Depressingly though, you can’t get cast stone-esq shower bases in 1100 mm. And the cheapy resin base ones? They’re actually more expensive than the faux cast stone ones in 1200mm.

And shower doors? almost twice as expensive. There’s no way I could shimmy an extra 20mm out of it – it being wall, ‘n’ all. So I quietly curse the fact that my house (checking, it appears to be a nonsensical 46.5″, so it’s a size that makes no sense in any form of measurement).



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