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So, today I’ve been a busy little Kate (as can be deduced from the 3 attempts it took me to spell ‘busy’) and am currently in an exhausted little heap at the end of the cofa listening to KK* and drinking ice-tea (well, I’m out of fruit juice; oh, and milk…and cereal…I think I need to go shopping tomorrow).

Anyhow, this morning I woke up, flicked on the waterheater and bid on ebay. I munched toast, downloaded some shows, and drank my honeybush tea (‘cos I had no milk). Having cleansed myself utilising the warmish water, the hotwater heater was switched off, I dressed, hung out the laundry, drove 40 miles to my mum’s house. We then hopped in Brick (mum and I) and headed to my mum’s allotment; her little shed there had partially lost it’s roof in the storms and so I stripped off the felt, and re-roofed there and then. Not the best quality roofing job in the world, but it should do for a few more years.

My mum strimmed the allotment a bit; and I did a teeny bit (the battery powered strimmer gave up soon after I took it) and we then headed…to Hungerford. It’s my little (other) Nephew’s birthday in a few days time. I’ve remembered, several times, that I needed to get prezzies. Unfortunately at times like, uh, now. When it’s too late to actually buy them. Anyhow, we managed to find appropriate gifts and card and then piled back into Brick and drove home.

Having got back to my mom’s I faffed with some plants (involving being up a ladder and extracting dead Clematis (?) from my mum’s Wisteria. Istr cutting and strimming the grass came next. And then packing the bike, and some tools into the car; see this morning in the post came my shiny shiny electronic ignition.

So I then came home and fitted the ignition. There was a brief hiatus when I realised that I didn’t have a multimeter, amazingly my multimeter has managed to remain in my mum’s garage, I thought I’d brought my electronics toolkit with me, but no. I also didn’t have any connectors with me which has meant that the fitting’s been a little less neat than normal. And the multimeter? I ended up buying an overpriced, overpackaged Gunson’s one. But hey, I blew up my other digital one with a cunning ‘ah, let’s measure volts with it connected to the unfused 10A range’ plan (the rest of the meter still works though…).

Anyway, fitting complete we went out for a test run and all seems well at the moment.

I’ll have a nose tomorrow and top up the oil, and the coolant I expect. I think I should make a list of jobs I need to do in my time off, otherwise I’ll forget things. Anyhow, I am now exhausted. Oooh, and there’s Sheridan’s in the larder. What a good idea.

* A CD Kathryn made me, which is made of awesome (although has the unfortunate side effect of making me miss her more (something I’d previously not considered possible)).


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