I didn’t know where my life would take me next.

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I forgot to post on Snapshot hunter this week; it was meant to be this image – but I often forget which day I need to post things by. The most annoying thing is the two times I’ve forgotten I’ve had really good shots. Although I wasn’t 100% decided I’d only uploaded this one for ‘wet’. Anyhow.

In other news, here’s some more new music. Indie pop, for those who’re not wanting to use up clicks.

Tomorrow is my interview, and thus I should go to bed soon. I’m feeling a little teensy bit tense. Really quite tense. Incredibly tense. No, that’s excessive. I’m quite tense though. I think I’ve got my four H’s and four T’s. I’ve thought of answers to the questions like ‘why do you want to work in A&E’ and ‘what would make you a good A&E nurse’; I’ve got a couple of questions to ask, I know what I’m going to wear. I found my brief/attaché/whatever case and prep’d the folder with a few ‘samples’ of my portfolio. I think that’s it.

It’s still scary though. Wish me luck; I *want* this job.


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