’tis the end of another week

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And I’ve got my ‘zed back; well, one of ’em. Cherry (or ‘the red one’) is back outside my house, covered by a tarpaulin (sp.). She’s not a happy bike, with a top speed of 100km/h; Dave reckons I should change the base gasket again, but the whole tedium of the job fills me with a longish dread.

Of course, Rebecca needs a new exhaust, which is rather more pressing, ‘cos her MOT is due the week after next. Despite her leaky exhaust, she managed to pull me, my mum, and what appeared to be the entire contents of Ikea back down the motorway; Ikea now being a distressingly long distance from my house.

And next time I will be paying for delivery. Hearing the cheery thunk of bookcase-on-roof for the first ten miles as I repeatedly pulled over to retie things and re-arrange things was painful. Getting sprayed with road-muck, stood on the side of the M25 in the rain, retying stuff again (the wind was wrenching things off the roofrack), and so on was really not worth it. Although seeing my books on the bookcase… Hrm. But hey.

So I assembled part of it. The kitchen, incidentally, wasn’t on sale, so we didn’t bother getting it now. So yeah. I got my tickets though, or ticket, for Metric. Anyone else going? Anyone…?

What else. I spent far too much in Ikea; or at least, I spent what I intended, but as usual came out with more things than I was intending to buy. Technically, I guess, only the one thing. But…

…it’s a light, to go on the stairs.

Unfortunately I need to drill a hole in the ceiling to allow the light cable to go the roof, and across, to join the stair light. I want them both to come on at once, I think.

And in other, other news… err… I forget. Apparently one bottle of cider, plus incredible tiredness, takes me to drunk much quicker than I’d expect.

No, yes, I got rid of – or at least, selected for disposal, about half a box of books, from the 4 boxes I unpacked. Which isn’t too bad. I think there’ll be more, later.

Oh yes, we ordered the Sofas for my lounge, I need to organise delivery (not ’til mid feb); and presumably removal of my old sofas… So, that’s news.


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