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I dunno what it is about allergies that make me feel so wretched. I think it’s the futility of it. At least, if you’ve got a cold you know your body is fighting to get rid of the cold, but allergies it’s pure unadulterated stupidity on the part of your body’s immune system.

“Oooh, I know, let’s attack dust. That’s a great idea”.

Today – and since lauren moved out, the dust monster has loomed large in the house, and my mornings have largely been spent trying to deal with constant sneezing. It doesn’t help that it was cold enough here yesterday for me to stick the heating on; which has of course spurred on a whole new level of feeling ropey, and thanks to our heatings novely ‘lack of thermostat’ (what kind of fucking idiot fits a heating system with no thermostats?!) it’s now the temperature of the sun in the house. Gaaah.

At any rate, I’m about to head out and, well, see if I can mortgage myself to the hilt.

Possibly higher than the hilt.

Still, that should be fun.

In other news, I really don’t understand Scan. I’m greatful that I don’t, because I thought that my memory – which was quite definately fubar, was going to wing it’s way back to me in a great annoying demonstration of annoyingness, but instead what’s arrived is new Warranty Replacement memory. This is my favourite brand. For years I ran my computers entirely on Warranty Replacement harddisks :-)

In other, other news this is very entertaining; and this (rather longer, in fact feature length longer) is truly awesome and stunning (thanks James).


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