The end or the beginning

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So, I’ve finished my training as a nurse; assuming I pass the last two assignments. I’ve got a job, assuming my references are okay. I left my placement for the last time today – I always feel sad leaving a placement, but this one I’ve enjoyed so much more than I was expecting, and I really felt part of the team at the end of the day.

I am sad to be leaving. Really sad. In fact, I felt like crying as I walked out that door the last time. Yesterday I had an impromptu shower; squirted with water and then a fair load of sterile water tipped over my head – they were planning much evil for today, but we were so insanely busy (the best, most award winning bit, was the patient arriving while the previous patient was still (a) in the bed (b) not handed over to the discharge lounge (c) waiting for tablets to be prescribed. I’d’ve been angry, but it was my last day and the nurse-in-charge was quite pissed off enough for everyone) that it didn’t happen; much I suspect, to their disappointment.

I’ve got a recipe which I have to pass on – lots of complaints about “why didn’t you tell us you could cook”… Heh. The answer is, of course, because then you’d’ve wanted me to cook.

Yeah, so, I’ve been looking at places to live, and actually found a potential place in Wokingham Woking; which was a bit of a shock. We’ll have to see how things all pan out; the hospital accomodation’s not as cheap as I thought – or more accurately, you get less for your money than I thought.

It is all a bit scary; everyone’s like “Wow, you’re just upping and leaving?!” – and I guess it’s a bit – something not many people consider; I guess the whole plan to move to Canada has kind of reduced the impact of the whole ‘oh my god I’m going to leave the city I’ve lived in for 6 years, and move house, away from my friends’, and all this insanity. And yeah it’s starting to hit me that while it’s no-where-near the scale of the drop everything and change country, it is a moderate size change in my life.

In weird other news, when you find out something about someone and have to assimilate that information into the matrix of information that you have about them… well, I enjoy tormenting people by dropping in new pieces, like my subtle femme tendancies, my cooking, my decorating…. etc. I like the fact that people quite often get to ‘know’ me and then suddenly I drop that new fact in and they’re forced to do a re-evaluation, however small that re-evaluation might be. Well, today, I assimilated some information about someone, which was completely unexpected, prompted by looking at some pictures of her house. And it’s quite interesting, I like it. I like suprise discoveries of talents you didn’t know someone had :-)


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