More Pink Bike Shots

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Real progress today, she’s starting to resemble something that might become a motorbike

First shot is of the headstock put on; you can see how shiny the one the ignition came off is; it’s still got it’s original Zadi plastic tag on it…

Pink Charlie the Pirate

And here we’ve got a shot from the back… Mudguard, suspension all assembled. Just needs electronics, seat, lights and and air filter.

Pink Pirate Charlie

And from the front. Attaching the engine again is just four bolts; the big problem is the front forks – which I can’t get off the donor bike. I’ve been beating hell out of them – and getting less than no-where. Even with Onne’s help, I still couldn’t get the damn fork nuts to shift at all. Impact driver, 2lb lump hammer directed against a t-bar… still won’t come apart. Bloody things. I will have to get the wiring out the way and apply heat. Grr.

Pirate Charlie in Pink


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