Sometimes my head is the worst place to be

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So, I’m trying to work on the other essay. Unfortunately, now, I feel totally incompetent to tackle either. That and just perched on the edge of sliding down into that shiny, shiny water. That pool. That pool of despair that me and my councellor talked about before. Shit.


My head is filled with the “if this is too hard for you”, from that e-mail last night. I know it’s not too hard for me, but I just don’t get it, and it’s led me to a place where I’ve got the “have I understood this one?” feeling about the other essay. I felt it was a bit too descriptive, and now looking at it I find myself completely unable to work out how to take it forward. I do just feel like curling up in a dark corner and crying – not least because it might be less than 28 degrees in a dark corner somewhere, and if not, I could just fall asleep in front of the fan.


Damnit, damnit damnit. I should have stuck with technical writing, I may have hated it, and it made me miserable, but I didn’t feel *crap* at it.


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