Shite, I still feel shite

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So, my happy little post last night reflects my mood this morning. I do feel dumb, quite frankly. I thought I’d got this essay, and clearly I haven’t, and apparently it’s not even pass-worthy. I clearly just don’t get what they want.

It actually kpet me awake last night. I spent half the night led there just thinking about it – and now feel crap today as a result. I’ve got this stupid final conference thing this week. Everyone saying how fucking wonderful it is to have finished the course – and I really don’t feel exactly ‘wonderful’ at the moment. Crap. That’s how I feel. Completely crap.

I suppose I should go have a shower and get some more essay writing done, but quite frankly, I don’t know what I’m going to achieve. I do feel – I guess – completely annihilated. I have to admit, I thought I was pretty good at essay writing; marks of 70 odd percent kind of supporting that, so to suddenly find that I can’t even get a pass? One of the interesting things, is both of these essays are completely different to any other essays I’ve had to write through the entire course. They’re first person reflective pieces, which is, I have to admit, something I’ve never had to write as an academic essay before.

Doesn’t stop me feeling completely shit though.


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