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Just occasionally I can be such a girl. I’m also a nightmare to take shopping because in general I know exactly what I want; and close isn’t good enough.

So I went into Bath today for: ridiculously strappy, silly heel’d shoes, to go with the black oriental dress; and also some slightly dangly earings. Bear in mind that I slept like crap last night and then got up at 5am for work.

I think I visited every single shoe shop in Bath, before settling on some in Barratts which were the closest to my desires and actually came in my size. Then we got to earrings, that took another hour, mostly revisiting a lot of the same shops and wanting to berate myself for not thinking of it at the same time.

I did however buy new trainers at the same time – I got a pair of Lonsdale Converse Rip-offs (Yay for being a size 6 (some of the time) – I got kids sizes… and kids prices!) and some Karrimor ones, ‘cos there’s a sports shop shutting and the two of them came to 30 quid. Which seemed not unreasonable. I also got Rachie a little something, ‘cos I spotted it and thought ‘Very Rachel’. She’ll have to wait for the next package for that though.

Finally I got some extreme styling hair gel (or some other equally silly name) – for the purpose of styling my hair. Heee.

I shall rock tonight. Rock my little world. If I can walk in these bloody heels :-)


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