What’s that you say? I’m meant to be getting rid of crap?

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Well, I saw it, see, and despite my ‘getting rid of crap’ plan I asked for it, I mean, I never thought I’d get it.

Look! Over there! A Really damn cool video.

Yeah, um, I might have got a 21″ monitor… that goes with the other 21″ monitor. Freakily, my room now has compaq and digital logos. I may also have, well, bought a FX 5500 dual head graphics card. I better edit some damn video now :-)

Of course, with Pride coming up… well… It *is* traditional.

It took me about an hour of solid pissing about to cram the monitor into the ‘space’ of my desk. When I say space. Let’s just say, it’s a little tight in here now.

The office with two monitors of doom.

Clicky for the big version.

It’s a bizzare feeling to be surrounded by a mixture of anicent and modern. My main monitor is made by a company subsumed by the company who made the monitor next to it, which was again consumed by the company that made the printer to the right of them. The tech in here ranges from the 30s (the fan on the window sill) through to the printer (last year) and the keyboard (this year). A lot of it’s second user (the laser under the desk, both monitors, the fan, the light, the speakers, the camera used to take the picture, the chair, most of the folders, the mic… Anyway, so that’s my office. I can’t wait to get a graphics card with working XP drivers; and having dual head. Ooooh. I am still a geek somewhere deep down. It should make editing video that bit easier anyway :-)


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