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So, yeah, yesterday. Got home from work via a car-parts shop with enough spray paint to start a career in Graffiti; but I didn’t; no, instead I set to on making the stuff for Pride. After a few hours I stopped and headed over to Nikki and Kates for a relaxing evening eating Kebab, watching Dr Who and Playing Fluxx (we love Fluxx).

And then I came home, chatted to James, went to bed at 2ish, got up at 8:30ish and set to on props for Pride again.

Well, at 10, anyway, because I needed to eat and then my mum rang.

So, yeah, I’m done now.

We have:

– A roofsign
– Magnetic letters of doom
– A blue-light with an extended lead
I just need to nip to the shops, find a white blouse (*CHEAP* and a black, short, skirt). I’d wear the hockey one but I’m not quite back down to size 12. Well, that’s not true, my jeans fit and they’re size 12. Hrm. Now I have to go check.

Okay, so it’s a very tight, but it sort of fits. At worst I *could* wear it. Just.

I also did some ‘pimp-quality paintwork’ on my car. Just to tart her up a bit. She looks way better, actually. Although the quality of some of the paint work is beyond questionable, and I’ve discovered just how close I am to needing a new front wing (–>< -- that close - you can actually, well, could (before I threw filler at it) actually see through the wing. It's that rotten). Anyway, here's some teasers (one you've seen before and some new ones).

Pride Prep

You can see how big-er difference it makes having the grille painted white. What you can’t see is how bigger difference it makes covering up the rust with filler. Even really *badly* done filler.

Anyway, it’s time to get on with my dissertation :-)


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