Alive and groaning

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So, Um, Yeah. Trains. Not as unpleasant an experience as previous experience had indicated. My only real issues – one of the little dinky trains was cancelled (but the other one was running so late it meant that my schedule didn’t actually change). And the train on the way back was somewhat cramped; it was like flying but without the charm of going to another country.
Good things: Both the interviews are over. I only completely fluffed one of them (I rambled about MI’s for about 5 minutes when they’d asked about cardiac arrests. Fuck me if I didn’t look like the worlds biggest moron). The other one actually seemed to go okay, which is cool. I really like both cities, and both hospitals come highly recommended. So.

Yes, Manchester has won me over, despite my hotel being a hotel which I’m sure had obtained it’s little RAC diamonds from e-bay, and despite my own poor planning, and despite the rain (look; it’s north; it’s cold and wet. Proof is mine! It *always* rains when I go North, always. Which is good, ‘cos I like Rain ;-) ).

No, seriously, I liked Manchester a lot; Missed Brum a lot; Spent an awful lot on very nice food; spent an awful lot on very nice books and Manga (xxxHolic volumes 4-6; Never Give Up (random choice); Strangers in Paradise – Pocket book version, Vol 1; and a random Lesbotic Thriller – which adds another random lesbite writer to my list of writers to obtain books by). I also, err, picked up, a copy of Fluxx.


Yeah. Spent way too much, problem is boredom and a limit on how much time I can spend drinking coffee.

So. I await the outcome of the job interviews with nervousness. Nervousness and a level of tiredness which – after a long day at work and an early shift tomorrow – may leave me lying on the floor gurgling.


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