I have the world’s worst schedule

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So, things are, again a little stressful in chez Kate; although I’m not really stressed, except about the job interviews….

To summarise:

– Props for Pride.
– Heat shield.
– Quick and dirty points and levels check on car.
– MZ needs seal replacing and top end rebuild.
– Interviews (ramble in a sec).
– Mum needs to get picked up from hospital.
– Dissertation needs: C4 writing, lots of typos correcting.

I gave in this morning, I got the exhaust on Rebecca done at the Mog Centre, it cost me 40 quid, still took an hour during which I couldn’t do anything, but saved me lots of hastle.

I finally got around to organising my shifts for next week; thus enabling me to go to my interviews. Unfortunately, my shifts are now deeply insane:

Work based learning day [drive to Oxford, pick up mum from hospital, drop her home, drive home]
Day Off
Double shift
Day off [during which I Drive to Bham, have an Interview, Drive to Manchester, Book into a hotel]
Day off [in Manchester]
Day off [interview in Manchester, Drive back to Bristol]
Double Shift
Day off

The problem is double shifts aren’t *quite* double shifts, so you have to do 3 in a week to make up the hours. But I’ve got an extra day off, that I was planning to knock off the end of my placement, which isn’t going to happen now. I should be filling in the Bath Hospital application form, but I really don’t care at the moment. I’m tired as it is.

Despite the ‘hugeness’ of my list of things I actually *want* to do these things. I will enjoy them all, but by July I may just be lying on the floor gurgling. I also need to prepare for my interview (When?! How?!) and…. yeah. Stuff. So now I’m going to go and flake out on my bed so I don’t die completely when I do my shift tomorrow.


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