Big bloody sigh

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I am so totally fed up. Totally. Totally and completely.

Despite a really nice lunch with a Ali and Lauren I am having the most frustrating day. The GP fucked up my prescription which meant I had to go and tell them that no, I didn’t just want one random item off the list; and although it’s now sorted it’s a pain.

I had a look at the mog’s exhaust, which had been ‘a bit noisy’ having lost it’s back silencer had got ‘a bit noiser’ then ‘quite a lot noiser’. I went and had a look today. The weld’s given up around the front silencer now. It’s fucking shite, that’s what it is, so I’ll take that down to C’ware’s tomorrow, I might even see if they can fit the new one, ‘cos I’m so strapped for time.

However, I’ve found out why I can’t book tickets – and I’m quite glad I failed to book tickets. It turns out there’s a signalman’s strike on the 20th, and so they’re not able to guarantee train times, or tickets, or anything very much. *sighs*. I’m trying to coax ‘’ into refunding the ticket I did buy, because they can’t actually honour it. I guess since I bought it with my Visa card I could tell them to put a stop on the payment actually. I’ll see what they say. I do just feel like I’ve been repeatedly slapped down today though. Still, I’ve got a day off in Manchester on the 19th. Anyone live in Manchester who wants to show me that it’s a rockin’ place which I shall want to live in?


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