400 words to go on the Dissertation; so I got up this morning and with every intention of not getting sucked into doing anything else dumped my Shredded Wheat in a bowl and my Coffee in the Cafetiere (isn’t it interesting what a few weeks in Alaska changes about a person ;-) ) and my Yoghurt in.. well, it comes in a little plastic bottle. I trailed upstairs and sat down to read LJ while I munched (yes, I am that sad). And I came across this post by inspector_81 on Robert Newman’s History of Oil (google video link, just clicky and watchy) – and was well, shocked. Not so much by what he said, although the newly aquired history of the First World War, well, I must chat to my sister’s husband about it (History Teacher)… it wasn’t something I’d encountered.

BUT – the commentary on society and oil, it’s basically largely what I thought about, with a huge helping of war thrown in; and the future isn’t bright for our society unless we do get off our collective arses and start doing something. I think when I’m done failing my course I’ll get out there and see about stuff I can do. I can’t exactly claim any fucking prize on this one, although much that I own is recycled I also
– Drive (although it’s required by my job)
– Keep my PC on all the time
– Use 2 monitors (when one did me fine before)
– Waste electricity and water something chronic
– Eat fruit and veg out of season, and non-locally produced foods
I think our society makes it easier to be irresponsible than it is to be responsible; it’s cheaper to buy food sourced from ‘wherever’, easier to buy new than to repair, difficult to travel by public transport. I’ve stripped out lots of the things I used to do, or that I would do if I could because it’s beyond my finances to be the ethical consumer I want to be. In some ways I’m good – I recycle loads, in fact I get quite annoyed at packaging that’s non-recyclable (particularly plastic. Trees coated in crud that means they won’t take it? That I can just about cope with, but plastic? How hard is it to put a number and a triangle on a fracking piece of plastic?!).

Aye. So. Hrm. Lots to think about. And now I must regain my day; shower, work, and prepare for interviews of interviewy doom.


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