Overstretched (and underpaid)

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So I’ve got:

My dissertation
Trying to get a job
Trying to find a house for myself
Trying to find a house for my mum
Maintaining the car and bike myself
Full time work
I’m starting to feel a bit overstretched. When my mum rings and says “when will you be free to take me back up to look at more houses?” – I know she needs to move, and I really do want to help, but I’m still feeling the 19 hours of driving. I’m tired, and what she’s asking for is, essentially, three days of my time. And at the moment I can’t see when I can give three days. But she can’t navigate for toffee and even I struggled the first time around Kendal – all one way and whatever, and houses out in the middle of no-where which she’ll have no problem with once she knows where they are; but which we’ll have to find.
I’m just tired, I know it’ll look better in a bit, specifically the bit when I’ve got more of my dissertation finished and when I’m less tired. But *sigh*. Right at this instant it’s a bit much.


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