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I’ve just freecycled a moderately vast quantity of stuff (can something be moderately vast?). Shockingly it’s nearly all gone too; only the dead CD-Player, tents some PII Processors and the dead mobile phone languishing unloved.

Even the 21″ TV set of crapitude has (or at least should) head off on Monday. It’s not helped with working though. And getting rid of stuff is shockingly addictive. I started to think ‘what else can I freecycle’?! There is, I suspect, plenty more to go. I was debating losing the Biochemsitry books, really, since I’ve no interest in the subject anymore and I’ve not looked at them forever. I’d keep Recombinant DNA and ‘The World of the Cell’, but the slightly out of date Molecular Cell Biology and Biochemistry (Stryer) and Review of Medical Physiology could probably all go. Really. Meh. I should work now.


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