No, now I’m exhausted.

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I’ve reached a bad stage of exhaustion. I’ve reached the feeling pissy stage. I’m just having a quick drink (fruit tea, not several pints of wine, which is what I feel like having) and then I’m off to bed. I actually got comments at work about not being myself. Hopefully I’ll feel less like death tomorrow. But I am exhausted. Just exhausted.

I was going to have a whinge, but I can’t really be arsed. Let’s just say:

– Non recycleable packaging. Why?!
– Excessive Packaging. Please stop, as an adult I’m able to discern when a packet consists of 90% empty space, I really don’t need that space around my food, please make your box smaller. All the big box does is unnecessarily waste material and the space in my bag.
– Why did they stop using proper cats eyes and put stupid reflectors on the roads? Why? Cats eyes last (essentially) forever and are self cleaning and are incredibly reflective. Stupid plastic reflectors get covered in shite, don’t work nearly as well anyway and then flake off the road after a few months leaving no fracking reflective effect at all.

So that saves me whinging about that later.

In other news, the speedo on Cherry randomly stopped working on the way home tonight. It was working when I pulled out of the hospital, and then about 1/3rd of the way home, just stopped. I’ve had a quick check of the cable and it looks okay (when connected to the drive the speedo end wouldn’t turn; when not connected it would. Neither end could be withdrawn from the sheath). The speedo drive still seems to be turning with the wheel. So I’ll have to have a more thorough check err, tomrrow, I hope. I’ve also re-re-readjusted the stupid cheap mirrors (you have to undo a bolt to change the adjustment which makes it somewhat difficult to do while riding). Anyway, I need to fall into bed at this point. So that’s my plan. g’night.


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