I know, it’s becoming my mantra

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I’m knackered. See. Didja guess.

On Tuesday, despite being still fairly ill I headed to Tesco and bought my mum a new TV. The 21″ Philips from the mid 80s having got ‘a bit tired’. It weighed 44.1 kg. It went on the roofrack with some help from Tesco.

I got home, I unloaded it (with some difficulty) and put it in the house. The next morning, I prepared to go to the lakedistrict, househunting, with my mum. In the end I managed to coax it onto the roofrack, realised I didn’t have anything sensible to waterproof it with, glanced at the clearish blue sky and headed out. Torrential rain. 2 hours of it as I crept up the motorway at 50mph.

Having got there, I unloaded the now sodden box and wheeled it into my mum’s house. The TV, incidentally, was dry :-)

I discovered it was an inch deeper than my mum’s old set, and wouldn’t fit on the shelf. The shelf was held on by 2 screws, so I decided I’d sort it when I got back (with my mum) from the Lake District. We piled into my mum’s Skoda (not a light traveller she); and I then drove 6 hours to Kendal. Having found the hostel we unloaded, munched on sarnies and wandered round Kendal looking at estate agent windows.

We headed into town the next morning and bought a Cumbria Street Atlas (very helpful) and arranged two more viewings (on top of the two that she’d already organised). From 9:45 to 12:30 I drove around and we looked at 3 houses… and she fell in love with a gorgeous 1740’s house with a chunk of an orchard and no hope whatsoever of her offer being accepted, because she’s not sold her own house yet.


She did look so happy though; I could see her mind doing the ‘I could do X and Y’ thing. Gah.

Anyway, so, we then drove home. 7 hours… and I set to on the shelf. Two screws held it in. 2 screws which whatever I did would not come undone. Eventually I beat them to death and wiggled and managed to get them out. Then strengthened the shelf, then put in 4 screws to hold it to the supports on the wall. It’s still only *exactly* the minimum depth it could be… I think it took 2 hours. Ate dinner. Loaded up car with 2 PCs, Printer, old tv set, binder, books. Drove home (hour). Unloaded car. Freecycled most of it.

Went to bed. Woke up. Freecycled last few bits.

Am now exhausted. 19 hours driving I’ve done in the past 3 days. I’ve lifted 44.1kg repeatedly (that’s heavy, incidentally). I’ve moved a 21″ TV and a 17″ CRT monitor in and out of the back seat of a minor. I really *am* entitled to be tired.

Oh, and I’ve still got a cold. :-P


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