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Due to the hilariously witty nature of the Midwives at my uni, the EU pack stated as it’s final question: Read Smith, 1995. Compare to your plan.

This was cunning, because it didn’t include any papers by ‘Smith’ at all in the reference list. None. Not so much as a cheesey biscuit. And yet, it seemed likely that there would be more than one paper (and indeed more than one book) published in 1995 by people called ‘Smith’. So, while at uni today I attempted to find the pack from which I’d photocopied the references; but it’d vaporised. The Librarian didn’t know (a) it existed (b) what it might be called or (c) why it, and it’s little sister the Mental Health EU pack had vaporised leaving only the Child pack lurking. I’ll let him off though, ‘cos he did manage to find the video, which when you search for it on the puny student interface to their database doesn’t appear (even just using random single keywords from the title doesn’t pull it up, but if you put it into the Uberpowerful Librarian Only search it miraculously appears *sigh*).

Aaanyway, so I searched for books by ‘Smith’ in the Midwifery section, published in 1995. There was one, but it didn’t fit with the rest of the question. So, I tried papers… by ‘Smith’ filed under ‘Midwif*’ published in 1995. This found 346 papers, but again didn’t find anything actually appropriate. I rechecked in the hope that the missing EU pack had reappeared (you’re not allowed to even take them out of the section they’re in, there’s actually a separate photocopier in there with them, so where they’ve gone really is a mystery). It hadn’t.
At this point, swearing quietly, I declared my search pointless and headed home. Here I’ve sat going ‘oh, bloody bollocks. One sodding question I can’t answer. One’. And then I thought. Hrm. Papers + Smith + 1995 + labour. And there, with a Full Text link is the paper. Should anyone else be interested it is:

Smith, S. 1995. Express delivery. Nursing Standard. 10(12-14). pp 20-21.

So, uh. There. Score: Kate 1 Midwifery EU Pack 0


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