Concentration span of a flea

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Damnit. I was just about getting into the work. Just about. Words weren’t exactly ‘flowing’, but they were kind of plodding. It wasn’t great, but it was okay. And then I looked at the time. I looked at the time and thought, ‘ack, I wonder if all my bike gear’s still around’. So I went, and I looked, and yes, there it was. But since I’d stopped working I thought I’d go and check the ‘zeds brake. Still okay. Okay, but while I’m the garage I should get together stuff to take… that’ll be… uh, a spark plug spanner then.

Oh, and a spare plug.

Oh, and the D-Lock. Crap though it is.

Oh, and where’s my bike helmet?

Riiiight. That’s everything all together in the one place.

Hrm. But now it’s only half an hour ’til I’m intending to leave. Balls. Too late to really get any work in. I’d forgotten how much I loved riding the bike. And it’s all coming back to me. I’m ridiculously over excited. At the same time I need to be really careful. First up, the bike’s equiped with delightful Chen Shin tyres. Not the Chin Hung that nearly killed me. Some people say these tyres are ‘okay’. I’m willing to give them a test, since they’re on there. First sign of teflon’d mahogany like grip and they’re gone (potentially so am I. But we’ll see). And second up – coming to bat now is Kate hasn’t ridden a bike for months. Lots of months. More than 6. Again. I’d only just started to get back into the swing of things with the last bike.

So, excited though I am, I must take care, oh, and go and have a second quick look at the iffy fork and check it’s not leaking.

Wish me luck, I need this bike to pass.


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