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So, after I posted my last post, Nikki – friend and saviour – came round and persuaded me to take the day off work and just try to get my mind off stuff. After a cup of coffee, and me nearly breaking down on the phone to work in a conversation which ran:

Kate: Oh hi *name*; It’s Kate, I’m afraid I won’t be in this afternoon…
Colleague: Oh… Are you okay?
Kate: Um. Err. Not err….really….no. *concentrates on not crying* Um. I’ll be in tomorrow though.

This is of course patently ridiculous, but it’s so much not what I need at the moment. Anyway, I spent the day round at Nikki’s, we went out and found the house I was interested in was sold yesterday (my fault, I didn’t notice it was in an earlier auction than I thought it was. Which is a bugger). In fact, that made me feel even more crap.

But after a while we went and played with her welder:

Not too bad for a first days attempt. Lots more practice required though I suspect.

And now I’m home I’m going to watch Anime and eat Pizza.


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