To Alaska? Who knows…

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So I posted of some little jiffy bags of joy today; one to the creature of bouncing that is Trey, one to the very generous creature who sent me electro-conductive-paint (because I’ve got bored of putting patches in my heated rear window and have come to a stage in my life where I can accept that it’s a piece of shit not worth my time or effort), and one to the Alaskan Mountain Dwelling creature known as Kara.

Well, Kara’s was more of a box filled with packing gribbles and some DVD+Rs (this is because packing gribbles bring joy to the masses and may, just may protect the DVD+Rs from the fear that is the Royal Mail, Air Mail or ‘par avion’ as the sticker proclaims, and the Alaskan Huskies required for transporting the package from the USA to the Alaskan Wilderness).

Why the Alaska / Wilderness / Huskie remarks? Well, the conversation ran like this:

Kate: Oh, how long will the package to Alaska take?
Bloke in Post office: Normally? 3-5 days to the USA, but to Alaska? Who knows… depends on the Huskies.

Oh so helpful :-)

Clearly, the solution is for me to move to Canada, get a pilot’s licence, and buy a plane of my own. Yes.


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