If you happen to come across my weekend…

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I’d quite like it back. I believe today was my day off.

Actually, today was my mum’s birthday. March 5th. She was shockingly ‘up’ when I arrived having hauled my washing out of the machine and hung it up, crawled through the shower (almost literally), heaped stuff in the car and headed out the door – carrying with me electrical repair stuff and plumbing stuff. Why would I need this for a birthday trip to my mum’s?

Because the toilet overflow had been running long enough to generate a 15 foot long 6 inch diameter icicle from the pipe to the bottom of the wall (I knew I should have taken my camera!) and my present to my mum this year was (mostly at xmas so instead I offered) to put all the lights in her dolls house.

Most of the day was spent driving, however. I drove there. I had some coffee. I fixed my mum’s car door lock. I stripped down the ball-valve in the toilet. I drove to B&Q and got a new washer, drove to the garden centre, resisted buying funky plants, drove back. Discovered that replacing the washer wasn’t enough. Realised the thing was just worn out. Drove back to B&Q. Spent twenty minutes trying to find the washers to fit a new valve to the cistern. Discovered that depite selling: (a) cisterns and (b) ballvalves they do not sell the washer that seals one to the other.

Decide to bodge it anyhow. Buy ballvalve, selection of random washers, ptfe tape.

It takes three goes and quite some fiddling, but my plumbing isn’t too bad and I managed to get a fairly good seal (i.e. it hadn’t leaked 3 hours later) – my mum now has a working toilet again. Ra.

I then fixed the lights in my mum’s dolls house (apart from the bulb I dropped. Well done me). Came home and picked up the hockey stuff. Tried on the hockey stuff (well I just had to know if it’d look the same as it did when I was at school. Thankfully not(!)) but it does all fit, which is ultra-super-cool. Now I just need a job in the ED, and I hope they’re still playing. Also, I guess I should brush up on the rules of field hockey. I was always an indoor hockey kinda girl. The whole field hockey thing never really did it for me as much – just not as fast – but hey.


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