When I get going…

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I can be pretty effective. Managed to get my essay submitted (despite my uni’s incompetence); I got the most insane response from the admin bloke. “Thank you for your concern”. WTF?! He ‘believed’ it was fixed.


When I was (young, all this was fields, blah, blah) working as a Sysadmin, when I fixed stuff I knew if it was fixed. I didn’t guess it was fixed, and I actually read the e-mails people sent. In this case it’s a final year submission; if it hadn’t have been fixed it would have been a major issue – because the uni are so feckless that I wouldn’t put it past them to say it was our fault for not checking that e-submission was working before the submission date.

I do wonder how much training these guys have had in admining systems, because they’re lousy as hell at it.

In other news, I’ve found that the government body I’m dealing with are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Actually, a chocolate teapot would be more useful because you could eat it. They just suck. Really, no, they suck. A lot. I’m not quite sure what people (not me, fortunately, because I’m too poor) are paying them for – because the entire process seems to revolve around me ringing them; finding out they’ve not done anything, me ringing the people that the need to talk to, and trying to get them to write back. Exactly what they’re actually doing in their dinky little office I’m unsure of.

I’ve also (god I’m good, I’m also tired) been shopping this morning. So I’ve now got food; drinks; milk… I’ve found my mum a huge list of estate agents. What I’ve not yet managed to do is locate the stamps. I’ve now got two letters to go, and no fracking stamps. Grrr.

In other news, I’ve still not had time to fix the broken seatbelt. Maybe if I’m not utterly shattered tomorrow after work, and it’s dry and stuff, I’ll get down there and get it changed. It would be nice to have a seatbelt I trust. Anyway, it’s food time in Chez Kate. I realise this has been another dull ‘I’ve been doing this’ entry, but I have got stuff I want to talk about; maybe when I’m less… busy. Hah.


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